Conveying Cardiac Excellence

Though they care for all types of patients, the cardiac expertise available at London Bridge Hospital is second to none. With so many consultants, treatment options and ground-breaking techniques to showcase, Captive Minds were asked to create a series of videos and a distribution plan for social media that told the story of the Cardiac Centre.


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The Cardiac Centre: Kashif Aziz’s Story

London Bridge Hospital is one of the leading private cardiovascular centres in the UK. All this week we’re going behind the scenes, meeting our consultants and finding out about the latest treatments and technologies in cardiac care.

Today, we meet Mr Aziz who has a blocked coronary artery, putting him at risk of a heart attack.
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Posted by London Bridge Hospital on Friday, 13 November 2020

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The Cardiac Centre: James Money’s Story

Can you believe the first pacemakers plugged into wall sockets! We’ve come a long way since then in cardiac care and all week we’re going behind the scenes here at London Bridge Hospital meeting the consultants and finding out about the latest technologies and treatments.

James had trouble breathing so came to see Mr Conal Austin, Consultant Cardiothoracic Surgeon.
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Posted by London Bridge Hospital on Thursday, 19 November 2020

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Bringing it all together

We created two ‘core’ videos that each followed a patient story, and used supporting social videos to explore some frequently asked questions and get to know the team involved in the cardiac centre.

We developed a new visual styling for The London Bridge Hospital topic series with an emphasis on complexity and detail. Shots of surgeries in actuality are complemented with 3D graphics demonstrated the technical details in a digestible way.

One of the key objectives for the campaign was to encourage positive engagement on the posts, and build the positioning of the cardiac centre in the audience’s mind. A bonus? We even got complimented on our choice for documentary style filming.

“It’s great to see this kind of documentary-style content being put out by a healthcare company.”

“Wow!!! Amazing procedure… hope you feel like a new man now James. Wonderful medical team! xx”