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That's After Life! with...

Joanna Lumle‪y‬

14th April 2021

Esther and Adrian are joined by Joanna Lumley in their weekly natter sharing the secrets of Ab Fab, her early career, celebrity friends like Leonardo DiCaprio, and her passion for fighting climate change.

That's After Life! with...

Barry Humphries

7th April 2021

Esther and Adrian chat with Barry Humphries about hijinks of yesteryear, being Dame Edna, and his never-ending love of books

That's After Life! with...

Katie Price

31st March 2021

Esther & Adrian chat with Katie Price about her life, men, children and her new campaign – ‘Track A Troll’

That's After Life! with...

Imelda Staunton

24th March 2021

Esther & Adrian chat with queen of TV, film and stage, Imelda Staunton.

That's After Life! with...

Michael Palin

17th March 2021

Esther & Adrian chat with Esther's long time friend, Michael Palin.

That's After Life! with...

Anton Du Beke

10th March 2021

Esther & Adrian chat with Esther's former Strictly Come Dancing partner Anton Du Beke.

That's After Life!

Our Introduction!

10th March 2021

Find out why Simon Cowell bought Esther lunch in this introduction episode to the That's After Life Podcast.

That's After Life!

Our series trailer

24th February 2021

Dame Esther Rantzen introduces the new That's After Life Podcast.

After Life!

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Stories of the week

Motor theft is rocketing this year. According to DVLA thieves pinched an average of 205 vehicles per day. Keyless car theft is at an all time high. Adrian tells us how his car was stolen off his driveway in this way. If you have had your car stolen here is some advice from Which.

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