The Brief

Help Massey Ferguson reach the South Pole in a tractor.

The Solution

Antactica2, a world record setting expedition like never before, creating phenomenal global press coverage.

On December 10th, 05:35am, Dutch actress and adventurer Manon Ossevoort reached the South Pole. After 16 days, and a 2,500 kilometer trek in a Massey Ferguson tractor, she succeeded in setting a new world record in the process. The expedition was a tough ride for the MF 5610 tractor and expedition team who faced bitter cold, high altitude, solid ice, snowdrifts and the most extreme, remote terrain. Their daily adventures and emotional arrival at the Pole were followed by millions worldwide on social and broadcast media.

Captive Minds worked with Massey Ferguson to manage the logistics of the expedition, procure assets and increase the international outreach of the campaign.


Global Coverage

  • The expedition received global press coverage on an extraordinary scale, and is one the most successful campaigns in the brand’s history. Featured in over 1,800 pieces, in well over 100 countries, it reached a projected audience of at least 480,000,000.

A World First

  • The expedition was awarded a World Record as the first expedition to reach the South Pole via tractor.

A social event

  • The event saw Massey Fergusons twitter followers increase by 299%, and saw a reach of over 35,000,000 across all of their social platforms.