iwoca Lirpasloof
iwoca Lirpasloof
iwoca Lirpasloof

The Brief

Create an engaging April Fools Video for small business lender, iwoca.

The Solution

iwoca Lirpasloof yoga, coming to a location near you!

Earlier this year, small business lender iwoca came to us with an interesting challenge: to pull the wool over their customers’ eyes with an entertaining April Fool’s Day video.

When we found ourselves giggling over goat yoga, we knew we were onto something. Running a small business is stressful — and what better way to chill out than some yoga with an adorable animal?

We invented a cuddly creature to start a whole new branch of yoga, flipping the words ‘April Fools’ to name him ‘Lirpasloof’ – a nod to the classic BBC ‘That’s Life’ prank – and brought him to life in hand-puppet form through master puppeteer Chris Barlow.

In a studio in North London we filmed our yoga class – a light and airy space filled with quirky props sourced specifically to suit our whimsical yet contemporary tone.

The result? Over 285,000 people laughed along with us, viewing our video and smaller social media cuts on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Watch the final video below!

From Facebook…

Lirpasloof Facebook Feedback
Us too, Aaron!
Lirpasloof Facebook Feedback
The Lirpasloof is everyone’s new favourite 😉
Lirpasloof Facebook Feedback
Stop by iwoca, and you’ll find it in theirs!