The Brief

Pitch for further videography work. Create a short video demonstrating the speed, effectiveness and comfort of HCA Healthcare UK‘s One Stop Breast Clinic. The video must be emotional and accessible.

The Results

A 1:35 video for use on social media, following a patient’s journey through the One Stop Breast Clinic. Also created were video thumbnails, a transcript for captions, and interview clips with the nurses from the Clinic.


This year, YouTube passed a milestone that saw 1 billion videos watched every day on their platform. With the figure rising every day, HCA Healthcare UK decided to bring on a dedicated videography team.

To pitch, Captive Minds created a short video for use on HCA Healthcare UK’s digital channels. The purpose was to showcase their One Stop Breast Clinic in a way that was engaging, emotional and – above all – human. Captive Minds bring experience in documentary style television as well as knowledge of videography for brand use. As such, this was the perfect opportunity to demonstrate how those skills pair.

The end result is a video that follows the journey of a real HCA Healthcare UK patient, as she tells the story of her experience at the One Stop Breast Clinic. We filmed with the patient in her own home, as an informal interview, so that she felt and looked relaxed, open and comfortable. Alongside the interview we followed an actress through the clinic, taking the journey as the patient described it in voiceover. Using a bespoke musical composition, the mood and emotion is gently steered through each step of the story.

After a smooth process of ideation, creative workshops and editing rounds, Captive Minds were awarded the title of videography agency for HCA Healthcare UK. The agency is thrilled to be working with the company on all videography projects moving forward, as well as assisting with video strategy and associated assets.