Kenton Cool Launches The Himalayan Trilogy


Captive Minds had a very cool evening last week with the official launch of the Himalayan Trilogy expedition.

Kenton Cool, one of Britain’s best high-altitude mountaineers and a Captive Minds athlete, announced his plan to climb the world’s three highest peaks — Mt Everest, K2 and Kanchenjunga — a feat never before attempted in the space of just three months. The expedition will take place in May 2015, at the very start of the Everest climbing season.

Last week’s evening, held at the Adam House Private Members Club, saw guests from all over the UK come down to hear the mountaineer-extraordinaire tell the incredible story behind his expedition, and why he wants to attempt what has never been ventured before. The expedition will force Kenton to the utter limits of what humans can achieve and summit. Captive Minds is thrilled to join him on this adventure.

The Himalayan Trilogy is an example of how Captive Minds strives to engage with the most exciting and talented individuals from within the world of adventure, communicating unique and inspiring content with audiences. For more information and to get involved with the expedition, contact Jamie Bunchuk on 0207 422 8260.