The Format

1 x 2min 38sec promotional video
Broadcast on BT Sport

The Premise

Promote the Dallaglio Foundation and their RugbyWorks programme.

Dallaglio RugbyWorks (previously The Dallaglio Foundation), helps young people change their lives for the better through the inherent values of rugby and their RugbyWorks programme, encouraging self-belief, opportunities for growth and support to young people from the most disadvantaged backgrounds.


Whilst the RugbyWorks promotional video appeared on BT Sport, it was used by the brand on their website, in meetings and other appearances and also on social media. It needed to be short, punchy and attention grabbing whilst communicating the key messages of the foundation and their programme.


Captive Minds have also worked with the Dallaglio Foundation as part of the Dallaglio Cycle Slam 2014.



  • 110 in London
  • 68 in Newcastle
  • 28 in Rhondda Valley
  • 24 in Bristol


  • More than two-fifths of participants now demonstrate awareness of their own strengths – up 173% one year after starting the programme.
  • Almost one third of RugbyWorks students regularly overcome setbacks – up 146% one year after starting the programme.


  • 38 brands and companies have engaged with the RugbyWorks programme