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A Leader In Independent Adventure Travel Publishing.

Sidetracked is an online journal featuring a collection of personal stories of adventure travel, exploration, journeys and expeditions. The concept is simple: to capture the emotion and experience of adventures and expeditions throughout the world, and to inspire.

John Summerton started Sidetracked online in 2010, wanting to combine his love for adventure and the outdoors with beautiful photography, design and typography. Since, it has grown into a printed tri-annual magazine.


Sidetracked has become known by adventurers – current and aspiring – across the world with a cult-like following of devoted readers. Almost half of the content on Sidetracked is contributed rather than commissioned, with writers taking their inspiration from Sidetracked to undertake their own adventures.

Critical acclaim

A combined following of over 36,000 people

Sidetracked promotes its content actively on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other platforms, amassing a following of over 36,000 people.

In Apple’s June 2015 World Wide Developers Conference, visuals of Sidetracked were used to demonstrate the beauty and power of Apple’s new News app for ios.

With over 40K visits and 100K page views monthly, Sidetracked is attracting attention from brands, designers, readers and adventurers around the world.

Readership & standards

Sidetracked is built with passion, care and an eye for quality.

Sidetracked magazine enforces a strict ‘only the best’ policy, whereby all content must match the same exacting standards in photography and text, no matter if it is contributed, commissioned or paid for. Sidetracked does not compromise on quality.

For advertising and content partners, this means partnership pieces sit naturally alongside commissioned and contributed features without ever seeming inauthentic.

For the dedicated Sidetracked audience, they appreciate and absorb the partnership content in the same way they do other articles and photography. It flows in just the same way.

Through partnerships like ‘Degrees North’ with The North Face, brands can tell their inspiring stories in a way that connects with an engaged, adventure loving audience.


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