Project Speedbird

The pursuit to become the fastest woman on water over one nautical mile.

In 2016, Hannah White will attempt to make history.

In a purpose-built, state of the art machine named Speedbird, Hannah aims to not only break Zara Davis’ current sailing speed record over one nautical mile, but become the first woman to ever set that record above the 40 knot barrier.

Project Speedbird Channel Crossing

Project Speedbird is an exciting story of physical and mental mastery meeting technological innovation. The razor’s edge of performance, all culminating in one visceral moment of uncompromising speed.


This story will engage an international audience through incredible imagery, captivating branded content and iconic venues. Digital platforms will showcase the journey from design to world record as well as provide interaction with audiences and maximise the impact of partnerships.

Ground-breaking technology

A specialist team of the world’s best boat designers, engineers and builders have produced a purpose-built speed machine using the latest technological advanced developed by F1, the America’s Cup and Moto GP teams. The 6 metre boat is designed to maximise performance over a short, straight distance. The hull is incredibly light – weighing just 8kg – providing an exceptional power to weight ratio. An advanced, carbon composite foil lifts the aerodynamically (not hydrodynamically) designed hull one metre out of the water. Project Speedbird will literally fly over the water.


World record breaking

Land Rover Ambassador

  • ”As a Global Brand Ambassador for Land Rover, Hannah White embodies our Above & Beyond philosophy and we are proud to support her next challenge to be the fastest woman on water over one nautical mile” Mark Cameron, Jaguar Land Rover Global Experiential Marketing Director

The boat

  • After tests in Land Rover’s wind tunnel and work with the team there to ensure Speedbird is at the peak of its technological potential, she is ready to be taken out onto the water…