Software Development: Insights


At Captive Minds we strive to be at the cutting edge of content, and we understand the importance of communicating our work and results with our clients. We also understand that our clients are busy people, who appreciate having the results they need, whenever they need them.

With this in mind, our software development team created Insights: an application that collects public relations, marketing, social media, branding and google analytics data in one place, creating a simple way of communicating the results of our work with the client. Developed as a completely responsive web site, also available on Android and iPhone, the application is convenient and easy to use from the very start of a campaign, to the very end.

Clients will love the convenience of getting the latest results of a campaign anytime they want, with visually illustrated data that is easy to understand. Real time media trends offer marketing analysis which can help make decisions of how best to deploy future campaigns, and brings the big picture into view by putting all of the agency’s departments results in one place.