Social Sentiment in PR Week


Captive Minds social media manager, Sarah Little, questions the shifting landscape of social media sentiment analysis in a recent article featured in PR Week.

“A continuing controversy that exploded on Twitter surrounding misogyny, harassment and ethics in video game culture, ‘gamer gate’ was still generating a massive 316,669 tweets in a 72-hour period, two months after it first erupted.

More recently, it has becoming famous for demonstrating the continued difficulty in accurately measuring sentiment.

Newsweek enlisted a sentiment analysis agency to unravel the social conversation surrounding gamer gate and reported that 90 per cent was neither positive or negative (a red flag given the heat of the discussion) while, in response, other analysis conducted showed that 90-95 per cent did in fact take a clear side.

A vast discrepancy between sources who must surely have methods of analysis they trust?

In PR, misinformation is dangerous.

It can be worse than no information at all. Current sentiment analysis is suffering a credibility crisis.

Will we ever reach a point at which we can actually rely on our findings?

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