“Mothercluckers: Obsessed With Chickens” Live Now


There is over 19 billion chickens in the world. Whilst keeping them is one of the fastest-growing hobbies in the UK, few come close to being a true motherclucker.

We follow some of the country’s pluckiest and most competitive chicken owners in this feather-ruffling flockumentary series “Mothercluckers: Chicken Obsessed”. Well, ‘Chicken Fanciers’ – as they’re known in the big leagues.

These beauts are the Gwyneth Paltrows of the poultry world, fed on a diet of organic hazelnuts for glossy feathers. Lathered in cream for silky skin. Blow-dried for maximum pouf. To become the Mister or Miss World of Chickens, our hatch-aholics need to be dedicated to achieving perfection in shampooed feathers, pedicured toes and perfect combs.

Meet our Mothercluckers Les and Shirley, Ian and Liz, Ted, Nancy, Robin and Graham in our video series on YouTube, Facebook or Instagram.