Help Nepal


Over the years, we have worked a lot in Nepal. The Nepalese are such a generous, friendly and happy people who have helped us achieve some incredible feats. It is devastating to see so many suffering due to this horrific earthquake.

In 2009, we helped stage the world’s highest cricket match on Everest. One of the expedition members was Will Wintercross who has been in Nepal reporting for the The Telegraph on the tragedy.

The monsoon season is coming soon. Hundreds of thousands of survivors are living in make-shift tents. These people have helped so many achieve amazing feats. Now it is our time to help them.

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DEC member agencies and their partners are working urgently to provide emergency shelter, food, clean water and blankets. Once immediate, life-saving needs are met they will work with individuals, families and communities to support them to rebuild their lives. You can help by making a donation now.