Glenfiddich: The Vaults at Voltaire


Monday night saw the official opening of the Glenfiddich vaults at Voltaire, a collaboration designed and delivered by Captive Minds.

Our inspiration for the decor stemmed from four of the most popular Glenfiddich whiskies: the 12, 15, 18 and 21 year old expressions. By developing the look and feel of each vault to suit, visitors have a fully immersive experience with an atmosphere to match.

The team added a different bespoke back wall visual for each vault, as well as creating soft furnishings and back-lit table centres coloured to match each expression, emitting a warm glow through a branded perspex top. The 12 year old vault emits a green hue for a relaxed and accessible atmosphere. The 15 year old focuses on red and gold hues to reflect the honey and spice of the expression. The 18 year old uses burnt orange and rich bronze hues creating a warm, refined and distinguished finish. Last but not least is the 21 year old expression, by far the largest vault out of all of them. This vault expresses rich purple and red hues to represent the caribbean twist this expression offers.

In addition an iPad has been fitted to each vault to display the bespoke Glenfiddich menu, alongside a hard-back cocktail menu tailored from a Glenfiddich whisky cask. To complete the experience a glass cabinet outside Voltaire has been fitted with a bespoke whisky cabinet displaying each of the expressions on show in the vaults.

The Glenfiddich vaults at Voltaire will be a semi-permanent feature within the Crowne Plaza Hotel, so head down and tell us what you think!