Creating transparency


Last week, we we held the first in our Unlocking Brand Humanity series – Transparency + Trust. The event explored the emerging era of radical transparency and how it implicitly affects trust between consumers and organisations.

As part of the evening, we looked at ways to visually display the theme within the space. We wanted to show that trust can be gained through transparency. This was the foundation for our acetate montage concept.

Massive sheets of acetate where hung from the venue walls at varying outward depths via custom aluminium frames and transparent cables. Each layer was digitally printed with, what we were calling, a ‘brand landscape’; a mesh of vertical shapes representative of content or a brand’s DNA. The depth of the layers combined with the assorted levels of opacity created a changing picture depending on the viewers perspective.

Put simply; the amount of trust you experienced depended on the level of transparency from your point of view.

The montages adorned the walls of the reception area where guests enjoyed drinks and canapés before the main presentation. The montages, supported by similarly styled framed quotes, set the tone for the evening’s discussion.