Antarctica2 under way for Massey Ferguson


The first chapter in an unfolding modern-day adventure story has begun. In a 5000 km return journey across the unforgiving icescape, Antarctica2 follows the achievement of Sir Edmund Hillary, who drove a specially-adapted Ferguson TE20 tractor to the South Pole in 1958.

Antarctica2 is the realisation of a dream for the lead driver, Manon Ossevoort, and an extreme test of endurance for the tractor and the entire crew. After departing Novo Runway the team aims to reach the Geographical South Pole in early December.

In this hostile polar environment, the expedition will demonstrate some of the very latest tractor technology now available. During its few weeks on the ice, the MF 5610 will clock up as many hours’ operation as an average year’s work on many farms.

Captive Minds is heading up the operational logistics on the ice and collaborating with the Massey Ferguson PR team to tell this incredible story.