What Women Want

What Women Want

By Sarah Little

Adventure Projects Manager

Nike have released a new full-length advert together with a series of shorter edits depicting women exercising, from working out in the gym, to running, to balancing in a yoga class. It is lighthearted, fun, and taps into women’s insecurities and foibles, narrating their inner dialogue in a very Mel Gibson, What Women Want kind of way: “why are there so many mirrors?”, “no shame in running half a half marathon”, “come on yoga, change my life!”

While marketing sports products to a male audience still focuses on showcasing the skill and competitiveness of elite athletes and superstars, we are seeing a trend towards targeting females with content that represents the “average women”. In the UK, there is no better example of this currently than Sport England’s This Girl Can campaign.

So is this led by insight suggesting that where men want to idolise, women need to identify? By creating relatable characters and telling human stories, it’s certainly the case that brands can empower and engage female consumers.

And it’s a lucrative strategy if brands can get it right. In the US alone, women’s sport clothing totals over $15.1bn in sales, and with Nike saying last October that the rate of sales growth in its female clothing ranges was outpacing that of its products for men, I doubt this is the last femvertising we see from sport’s companies in 2015.