#MyCampaignIn3Words: Does Yours Fit?

By Sarah Little

Adventure Projects Manager

#MyCampaignIn3Words: Can you distill your campaign into just three words?

Yesterday @Midnight, the American late night ‘game show thing’ on Comedy Central, played the game #MyCampaignIn3Words with celebrity guests asked to sell their dummy political campaign in just three words.

Besides being a funny game (“EDDIE VAN HALEN!” cries Matt Lucas) that has been trending on Twitter for a good few hours (“Ban Comic Sans!” calls @CKandrew14), the hashtag brings to mind the hours marketers, PRs and advertisers spend trying to pinpoint that ‘perfect balance’ message. Simple, yet communicative. Intriguing, yet understandable. Short and sweet. (“No More Kanye!” claims @steveoflegend)

Is three words the holy grail? The be-all and end-all of getting your point across? Probably not, but it’s an interesting exercise in clarity. A brand that can distill their ethos, their character, their raison d’etre into just three little words is on at least the right track to building a campaign with the simplicity and precision to go the distance.

Red Bull were quick off the mark to join the fray with a reminder of their tagline, and the NSPCC reaffirmed their purpose minutes later:
Red Bull Gives You Wings #MyCampaignIn3WordsNSPCC Fighting For Childhood #MyCampaignIn3Words

But what about brands who haven’t yet drilled down to three words? Would they get the answer they were expecting if they asked the public (or their clients!) to do it for them? It’s a team email that could certainly return some interesting answers.

At Captive Minds we’re happy to say we’re already very clear on ours.
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