Google’s New Doodle

By Sarah Little

Adventure Projects Manager

Yesterday Google unveiled their new logo (with accompanying animations) and the world wasn’t sure what to think.

My first instinct was ‘terrible’, but I put it to a few members of the Captive Minds team to find out their thoughts…


Google’s logo is:

Marcus – CEO

  • It’s a bit…Early Learning Centre?

Mitch – Head of Studio

  • I think it’s a lot better! Less fussy, more to the point and instantly still Google!

Simon – Creative Director

  • I think it’s excellent. It’s youthful but I think that’s a good thing. It has an innocence. ‘Don’t be afraid to ask a question’. It could have gone the other way – over complicated, more corporate. This friendlier, human approach almost makes me forget they are a corporate behemoth stealing all of our data.
  • The real brilliance is in its extension. Beyond the word mark (which is different but still recognisable) the geometric style transitions well into various forms, animations and sizes. The colours are still instantly recognisable, although I dislike the new green.

Antonia – PR Manager

  • It is a bit early learning centre, like Marcus points out. It reminds me of the Letterland text we had when we were babies!
  • I also get Simon’s point of the more youthful it is, the less corporate it is and the less daunting it looks to the general public. But, I think it has gone a bit too kid like. However, we will soon get used to it like everything else and think of it as the norm. Think about the Olympics logo, everyone hated it but then people grew to love it, and if they didn’t love it then they grew to accept it.

Jacob – Designer

  • It’s fine I guess? Google don’t have a history of stellar logos – the scope of the company has made the logo, as opposed to the logo helping itself. Personally I think the typography is a little off; I don’t like the G in the wordmark. But I do like the G as a stand-alone icon, and while I’m not 100% sold on the dots, the applications (animations, transitions & interactions) are nice, and work for the scale of the audience.
  • This is going to sound a little silly coming from me, but ultimately it’s a logo for a company that wasn’t known for its logo. Google’s brand image comes more from being very good at the services it offers, especially in relation to its competitors, and having friendly, human flourishes along the way. I think most people probably find the doodles more impactful then the marque itself?
  • Overall: It’s playful and fit for purpose. More doodles, and fun details plz!

I’ve got to admit, it’s already growing on me.

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