By Sarah Little

Adventure Projects Manager

We were all set. We had our passports, our contact details and our browsers ready. We practically had straw hats on.

At 10am Carling opened the flood gates to their #BrightonorBarbados competition and 1000 lucky people were given the opportunity to grab lucky-dip tickets to either Barbados or Brighton…for just £49.

Even though we were frantically clicking ‘BUY NOW!’ at less than three seconds past ten, we were unlucky and it has since been reported that Carling had over 35,000 people on their www.BrightonOrBarbados.com website at 10am on the dot, ready to either jet off or set off for a brilliant bank holiday weekend. #Gutted.

But despite the let-down, we have to hand it to the Carling team that #BrightonOrBarbados was an epic idea, brilliantly executed. The adverts were everywhere, the competition made sense to their brand, the concept was incredibly simple, and by teaming up with Expedia for the prize and making it something people were happy to pay for, everybody won. Well, everybody on the brand side anyways. (#Gutted.)

Great job Carling. Looks like it’s another Shoreditch night out for us.

Captive Minds tried to enter Carling's #BrightonorBarbados. Tried really hard.