The Format

1 x 46.24 Minute live stream.
Hosted on The Telegraph, Absolute Radio’s website and a Glenfiddich microsite.

The Premise

Create and live stream ‘The World’s Highest Whisky Tasting’ for Glenfiddich whisky.

Captive Minds developed and executed the ‘Find Your Everest’ campaign. This was an opportunity for four ‘Glenfiddich Pioneers’, (competition winners from around the UK) to take Glenfiddich’s finest reserves all the way up to Everest Base Camp, meet the Walking With The Wounded team and participate in ‘The World’s Highest Whisky Tasting’.

The tasting took place simultaneously in two locations: The London Stock Exchange, and the Glenfiddich Yurt at Base Camp, a specially designed yurt that showcased the brand’s heritage and provided comfort from the elements for the Glenfiddich Pioneers. The tasting at Base Camp was filmed and beamed via satellite back to the team in London.


The 45 minute show was streamed live on the Internet, on, on Absolute Radio’s website as well as within a special Glenfiddich microsite. Twitter users followed proceedings using the hashtag #WWTWLive.

The ‘Find Your Everest’ campaign received coverage nationwide and internationally.



  • ‘The World’s Highest Whisky Tasting’ was presented by Monty Halls, previously of the BBC’s ‘Great Escapes’ series and ‘Great Barrier Reef’.


  • One tonne of yurt
  • 20 Sherpa porters
  • 5365m Above sea level


  • The whisky tasting took place in London, on Everest and worldwide, as those watching were encouraged to join with their own bottle of Glenfiddich and tweet questions using #WWTWLive on Twitter