A source-to-sea walk of the Congo river, bringing a voice to the women and girls of the Congo.

In 2016, Toby Storie-Pugh and his team will be taking on the world’s first on-foot descent of the 3,000 mile Congo river to map the needs and wishes of the women and girls they meet along the way.


The expedition begins at the headwater of the Chambeshi river in Northeastern Zambia, before descending 300 miles into the Bangweulu swamp. The Luapula heads north from the swamp, becoming, in turn, the Luvua and the Lualaba. Finally, just before the town of Kisangani, the waterway officially becomes the Congo river – an approximate halfway point with the hardest section yet to come.

Toby Storie-Pugh

Toby’s team is made up of Simone Bazos and Boston Ndoole. Simone is a multimedia journalist, producer, writer, filmmaker, investigator and researcher who will document the journey having spent extensive periods in the DRC previously. Boston is a highly experienced guide and fixer, native to the DRC. He has been leading expeditions in central, southern and eastern Africa since 2006.

Together, they will walk the length of the river collecting stories from the woman and girls they meet along the way, sharing the dreams and hopes of a female population that is more than the one-sided story we see in the news.

We are determined to show the hope and humanity of a country that is too often recognised because of its association with war, disease and humanitarian crisis.

We are on an uncompromising search for excellence. We know that only in this way can we fulfil our mission to the cause that we serve, and to those who have given us their support. The expedition was expressly developed as a means to create mass awareness of the incredible potential that exists in Africa, and therefore presents an ideal opportunity to take advantage of a proposition that will be highly attractive to the media.

Walk The Congo Map


The expedition will take courage, commitment and vision from the team — not to mention the compassion implicit in their social commitment — which will be reflected onto the corporate sponsors who have backed them.

Walk the Congo clearly understands this motivation for companies to participate in high-visibility initiatives and we will ensure that we deliver real value to our sponsors. We are determined to ensure that you receive a powerful return on your investment.

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The Details

The Congo River
  • The Congo river is just over 2,900 miles long, or 4700KM. It is the world’s deepest river and travel’s through both urban areas and thick rainforest.

The Mission
  • Toby Storie-Pugh and his team are leading an expedition to map the needs and wishes of women and girls along the length of the Congo river. In first instance, they’ll be doing this by helping the people they meet to record video portraits to post on an online map. There will be over 100 of these videos by the time they have finished.

The Team
  • Toby Storie-Pugh will lead, accompanied by Simone Bazos and Boston Ndoole.