The Brief

Assist the Royal Marines Association & Commando 999 in raising support and donations

The Solution

A year long campaign of fundraising activities, including adventure weekends designed to authentically simulate combat missions.

The role of the Royal Marines Association is to maintain and promote the esprit de corps & comradeship amongst all Royal Marines & their families, past & present. The RMA is established in Branches all over the country & overseas to keep members in touch with one another.

Captive Minds was engaged by the RMA and Commando 999, former marines from the emergency services, to develop a year long campaign of fundraising activity.

Operation Commando was conceived to engage the public & raise funds through a special Royal Marines adventure weekend. Operation Commando simulates a combat mission, demonstrating to members of the public, the range of skills & qualities required of a Royal Marine.

Captive Minds worked hand-in-hand with the RMA & Commando 999 to structure the event & ensure it’s authenticity. We created all the marketing materials, websites & outreach materials to ensure we had twenty teams of four competing & fundraising on the weekend.

Operation Commando proved to be a successful inaugural event and there are plans for future ‘Operation’ fundraisers.