The Brief

Create a media opportunity in order to launch G.H. Mumm’s ‘Grand Cru’.

The Solution

‘The World’s Highest Formal Dinner Party’, with Bear Grylls and David Hempleman-Adams.

G.H. Mumm launched the ‘Grand Cru’ to express the personalities of its five Grand Crus in one fresh and powerful blend. Captive Minds was tasked with creating a media and hospitality event to mark the launch and so came up with the idea of breaking the record for the ‘World’s Highest Formal Dinner Party’.

On the day, Bear Grylls, David Hempleman-Adams and Lt. Commander Alan Veal of the Royal Navy ascended to 25,000 feet in a hot air balloon. Grylls and Veal, wearing full formal attire, then climbed down to a dinner table suspended 40 feet below the balloon and dined on a three-course dinner before sky-diving down to the ground.

Meanwhile, at the launch location of Ston Easton Park, a VIP reception was held for trade buyers, journalists and distinguished guests. News of the event was relayed live to the assembled audience and pictures fed to press worldwide. Bear Grylls and Alan Veal landed at the VIP reception after their sky-dive.

Bear Grylls Mumm Champagne


We worked closely with Bear Grylls, David Hempleman-Adams and experts such as Chris Thorn, Peter Russell and Giles Cardozo to engineer the event.

A special canopy was created along with a bespoke aerial platform and oxygen system. The attempt required two chase planes, a special camera set-up and comms rig to capture pictures for press.

Captive Minds orchestrated the event, managed all consumer press, press trips to the Chateau Mumm, the press launch, the VIP reception, all filming, chase planes and on board-comms. We also designed an accompanying microsite and marketing collateral for Champagne Mumm.



  • Bear Grylls and Lt Commander Alan Veal broke the record at 24,262ft


  • The pair sipped Grand Cru and saluted the Queen before skydiving successfully to the VIP reception below.

Worldwide press

  • Incredible footage of the event was captured by Captive Minds and the resulting pictures were syndicated to media outlets worldwide.