The Brief

Create strategy, branding and supporting assets for iMedtrust.

The Results


Captive Minds were brought on board by iMedtrust to help form their pitching strategy, bring their branding in line with scope and ambitions, and to create the first wave of initial communications, including animations, presentations & supporting documents for phase one of their long-term plan.

iMedtrust is an incredibly exciting and ambitious 50 year project, looking to create a new network of medical education institutions across the planet, with an innovative and systemic learning methodology at its core. Designed from the ground up as a model of medical education that is both responsive to the needs of highly diverse local healthcare contexts and the rich diversity of learners, this new, evidence-based approach addresses the severe demand for increased medical healthcare professionals in lower resource settings, working towards one of the WHO Sustainable Development Goals.

iMedtrust is currently in the process of securing the funding needed to begin phase one of its 50 year plan; the construction a multi-million pound London based university campus. This campus will serve as a central hub, preparing student educators to kick-start health worker education programmes in their communities.