The Brief

To create “The Valley of the Deer” experience at the William Grant & Sons Tales of a Cocktail welcome party in Edinburgh.

The Results

A Glenfiddich IPA Experiment part at the top of a recreated Robbie Dhu springs, overlooking the distillery. Over 400 people experienced the Tales of a Cocktail event.

Captive Minds were tasked with taking a small budget for the William Grant & Sons Tales of a Cocktail event, and creating a Glenfiddich space in the venue that had “wow factor” and a focus on the brand’s latest whisky release: the IPA Experiment.

To achieve this, Captive Minds took over the main vault at The Caves in Edinburgh. Using a model tree, “grass” and carefully chosen imagery, guests were transported to the top of Robbie Dhu springs. This is the very place Glenfiddich begins its journey, and overlooks where the world-renowned spirit gets its name: The Valley of the Deer. Lighting, mist and a live band added to the atmosphere and helped transform the space into a veritable Narnia’s wardrobe.

Additionally, atop the bar were vapour bowls, designed to unlocked a new sensory experience for guests enjoying the IPA Experiment. Finally, a ‘baby’ stag stood at the entrance and welcomed guests, wrapped in Experimental Series graffiti for a modern twist.

Over the course of the evening, 400 guests experienced the space and were buzzing about the transformation. As a result, the distillery backdrop and “grassy hill” proving an ideal spot for selfies and group shots!