The Brief

Inspire the nation to get behind the Glenfiddich Team.

The Solution

Tour a special cask around the country gathering messages of support for Team Glenfiddich to create the ‘Spirit of a Nation”.

In November 2013, #TeamGlenfdiddich made the journey to the South Pole in support of charity Walking With The Wounded. To help their cause, Glenfiddich created a Limited Edition single malt – Spirit Of A Nation.

Captive Minds worked with Glenfiddich to develop the concept of a limited edition single malt finished in a cask inscribed by well-wishers from around the UK. This incredibly rare expression was to be bottled before the team’s journey, allowing them to take a bottle to the South Pole to enjoy and another to be auctioned for the charity.

After the Glenfiddich Malt Master personally selected the special cask to tour the UK, Captive Minds branded and built a special stage for the cask to gather messages of support from well-wishers around the country. Captive Minds created speaking events in four UK garrison towns, namely Aldershot, Cardiff, Inverness and York, where it was signed by over 2000 well wishers.

The cask then returned to the distillery where is was filled with 29 Year Old single malt Scotch whisky in honour of Team Glenfiddich’s Royal member, Prince Harry. It spent a further 3 months maturing in Warehouse 8 absorbing the oak flavours and the support of a nation.

As the whisky rested, messages of support continued to be sent in through and social media. Each message was individually handwritten on special tags at the Distillery and added to the cask, allowing all to be a part of the Spirit of a Nation.

Captive Minds created a launch event held at Trinity House in London where whisky enthusiasts and journalists were given a tasting of the Spirit of A Nation 29 Year Old. The highlight of the evening was the Q&A with Team Glenfiddich live from the South Pole via satellite link up.


PR Value
The concept energised national media – particularly the whisky community – aligning the brand with the positive values of the expedition.

Retail Impact
Only 220 limited edition bottles were produced at a retail price of £1000. They sold out in just over a week.

The cask became a centre piece of Glenfiddich involvement with the South Pole Challenge during and after the expedition. It was used at all major events as well as featuring at London’s finest whisky retailer during the expedition.

The Spirit Of A Nation bottle that returned from the South Pole was auctioned for a huge sum with profits going to the Charity.