Humanising Healthcare Crisis

How do you make a COVID-19 video summarising the experience of your team? When the pandemic hit, the private hospital group HCA Healthcare UK sprung to action. They set up a ground-breaking partnership with the NHS, doing all they could to supply ventilators, staff and clinical facilities. To celebrate the monumental effort of their workforce, Captive Minds were approached for a very special project.

The Brief

Our brief was to create a COVID-19 video incorporating as many different voices from the HCA Healthcare UK team as possible: sharing their incredible stories of teamwork, hope and resilience against a national healthcare crisis. Filming across multiple locations, over multiple days and helping to produce self-filmed footage where colleagues were working from home was complex but rewarding. The resulting video was shared by the HR team via the internal communications site to their 5.5 thousand staff members, and shared with HCA colleagues in the US. The emotional video was a big win, reportedly encouraging a few tears of pride to be shed across the company.